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Allan Troskie
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31 Jan 2017
9:52 am

Bullets fly in Salt Rock, KZN

Allan Troskie

It is alleged robbers are active in the middle of the day when domestic workers are alone in the house.

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Gunshots pierced the quiet of Salt Rock yesterday morning as armed burglars opened fire on an armed security guard, North Coast Courier reports.

Shortly before 11am, IPSS Electronic Security received an alarm alert from a property in Gifford Crescent.

Two homes in Gifford Crescent were hit in the morning’s robberies, similar to the multiple homes struck in Zen Drive the previous week.

According to IPSS operations manager Lina Dos Santos, they dispatched armed response vehicles to the house.

“One of our guys noticed a suspicious silver Polo while they were en route and decided to keep an eye on it. Apparently, one of the burglars noticed the armed reaction officer and opened fire on him. Once he had opened fire, the man started whistling to alert his accomplices,” said Dos Santos.

The four then piled into the Polo and drove off, continuing to fire at the response officer and forcing him to take cover so that he could not pursue them.

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Dos Santos told The Courier that they had strong suspicions that these four men, driving around in a silver Polo, were the same gang who targeted Zen Drive recently and have been such a scourge on the Dolphin Coast.

“The vehicle has ND number plates so the police have a job to do in tracking these people down now.”

After the reports of gunshots started doing the rounds, and members of numerous security agencies were quick to arrive in Salt Rock.

Dos Santos advised the community to report suspicious vehicles.

She further urged people to make sure that their domestic workers know to keep houses locked and how to activate panic buttons.

“These guys are obviously active in the middle of the day when your domestic worker is alone in the house, make sure he/she knows what the emergency plan is.”

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