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Mari Rheeder
1 minute read
3 Feb 2017
9:30 am

Scammers threaten victims with foreclosure

Mari Rheeder

One man says he has fielded calls and received mail from people claiming his late father owed them thousands of rands.

A Silverton resident says since his father’s death, alleged creditors were calling him for payment. Photo: Mari Rheeder.

Silverton residents in Pretoria are both shocked and saddened by the level to which people have stooped to hoodwink others out of their hard-earned cash, Pretoria East Rekord reports.

Fred Muller said since his father died in October last year, he has fielded calls and received mail from people claiming his father owed them amounts between R24 000 and R25 000.

“They say I have to pay within 24 hours,” said Muller.

He said it was sad that his mother had to be exposed to something like this.

“She has been threatened with foreclosure if she failed to pay within 24 hours – of course, they never show up. They are never specific on the details or show any evidence. I know for a fact that my father did not owe anybody.”

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Muller added: “l want to warn people of the scam.”

Silverton police spokesperson Captain Jan Sepato said he was not aware of the scam but said if someone received such a call, it was important to ask for proof.

“Ask for paperwork that proves money is owned. If they cannot show papers, it is probably a scam.”

He said people could also arrange to meet the alleged creditor at the police station.

“Never give [such caller] any personal information.”

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