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Phathu Luvhengo
1 minute read
7 Apr 2017
2:54 pm

Anti-Zuma protest action still going strong on Beyers Naudé Drive

Phathu Luvhengo

Protesters would stop vehicles, break out in song while the driver hooted, and once the show is over, they would open the way for them to pass.

Thousands gathered on Beyers Naudé Drive for the anti-Zuma protest. Picture: Ashtyn Mckenzie

It has been more than five hours since protesters gathered on Beyers Naudé Drive near the N1 highway, and the number of protesters has only slightly dropped since the early hours of the morning, reports the Randburg Sun.

Traffic is heavily congested in both directions, and it is advisable to use alternative routes.

Peaceful protesters are raising their South African flags high, and are calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down.

Different placards have been seen throughout the morning. One read: “The tribe has spoken,” and another: “Zupta must fall.”

Picture: Randburg Sun

Picture: Randburg Sun

Protesters would stop vehicles, break out in song while the driver hooted, and once the show is over, they would open the way for them to pass. This has led to a heavy delay on Beyers Naude Drive from both directions.












Johannesburg metro police officers diverted vehicles from the west to the Pretoria on-ramp on the highway.


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