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7 May 2017
3:12 pm

WATCH: Norma Gigaba says ‘I deal with a lot of tenders’

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She has, however, been quoted in an interview in 2015 saying she did not have a tender.

Malusi and Norma Gigaba. Image: Instagram

Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaba’s wife, Norma Gigaba, has left Twitter in anger after saying she deals with tenders. In a short clip of an interview with eNCA that has been circulating on social media, the minister’s wife says: “We bring IT in mining. We bring IT in aviation. Also I deal with a lot of tenders. We put tenders together,” she says in the interview.

Though the clip is only a few seconds long, Twitter does not care about what she said before or after the segment, what they want to know is how she gets these tenders she speaks of.

These were some of the reactions on Twitter:

“How did we get here..heartbreaking ! We voters can fix this 2019, we can’t have the finance minsters wife fixing tenders etc, shame!”

“Mara let’s be fair… She’s not the only one. Bhazimas. Mantashe Etc. The list is endless! Or will rather have your wife in that postie.”

“Sometimes I wish they could just eat the money and never ever open their mouths, I am being honest. This is beyond abuse.”

Watch the clip below:


Norma has previously denied having tenders, responding to critics who said she was spending her husband’s money. Speaking to City Press in 2015, Norma said she was spending her own money. “I have no tender, as some people believe and neither do I spend Malusi’s money,” she was quoted as saying.

In another clip, Gigaba talks about how her husband was anxious about the finance minister position. He did not want to let go of Home Affairs because he still had plans and had invested a lot in it, she said. She further said she helped her husband transform the department with her IT skills.

“We did the transformation together of technology, because I wanted to help him because I found that there were long queues at home affair, and I know IT, and I know most of the time their system is very slow, so it helps him. For him to adapt to technology, it helps him, I was there.”

When he was appointed finance minister, Gigaba was apparently worried about the rand falling, and again, his wife was there and encouraged him to take the position. He expressed concern about the rand falling, a concern Norma said was nothing to worry about.

“I told him ‘just go to finance, the rand will drop and it will go up’,” she said.


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