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Gosebo Mathope
1 minute read
31 May 2017
4:41 pm

Maimane ordered to withdraw reference to ‘President Gupta’

Gosebo Mathope

'If the shoe fits, wear it,' says DA leader.

FILE PICTURE: Mmusi Maimane, then leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) reacts in frustration in parliament back in 2016, under Zuma's presidency. Picture: EPA/NIC BOTHMA

Despite President Jacob Zuma confirming to MPs he has no objections against the state capture investigation, the opposition DA leader told parliament that it was too little, too late.

“We would not support this budget vote, as it is nothing but a sponsorship for a shadow mafia state,” Mmusi Maimane told ANC MPs.

Maimane said the ruling party was at the lowest point it had been since assuming power in 1994.

“Our nation is facing a crisis. Nine million wake up every day without work. We are in a junk status. He [Zuma] wants to sustain his own personal project at the expense of the state. I am sick to death every day when I read about how our state has been sold,” Maimane said.

He accused ANC MPs of reluctance to do what was most required, namely removing Zuma from office.

“You have rallied behind him every single time. It is Zuma first and South Africa last. Guptas first, South Africa last. ANC first, South Africa last. Corruption first, South Africa last,” he said.

His references to the Gupta family caused a stir when the speaker of parliament ordered him several times to withdraw the term “President Gupta”.

Maimane protested, initially denying having said it, but he eventually responded: ”If the shoe fits, wear it.”

Opposition MPs jeer as Zuma says he’s not opposed to state capture probe

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