Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
24 Apr 2018
4:35 pm

#SAFTUstrike sparks a conversation on Twitter

Gopolang Moloko

Mixed reactions pour in as Tweeps gear up for the anticipated #SAFTUstrike tomorrow.

Various reactions on twitter with some tweeps using EFF leaders image to motivate their point. image: Twitter/Denotion

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) is leading a strike against the national minimum wage tomorrow.

Saftu has dubbed the looming strike action as their response to “the biggest attacks on working-class people, since the end of apartheid”.

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The massive strike action prompted mixed reactions on twitter, with many nervous at the thought of a gridlock of protesters expected to arrive at city centers tmorrow morning.

The federation says the proposed minimum wage of R20 per hour or R3 500 a month is too low and reassured patrons that the strike will be peaceful.

Tweeps had a lot to say about the expected national strike.

A message circulated on social media saying those not participating in the strike should rather stay indoors.  The message was reported to be fake.

Some questioned the strikes purpose.

A map indicating the different assembly points also circulated.

Others hoped the day was on Thursday eyeing the looming extended weekend.

While others had sinister intentions.

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