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Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
9 May 2018
5:12 pm

Checkers checked for ‘sexist wow mom’ display

Gopolang Moloko

The store says the picture was taken out of context and has apologised for the display.

Shoprite holdings have apologised for an what was perceived as a ‘sexist’ presentation they had in one of their stores.

A picture of a display labelled “Gifts to wow Mom”, which contained dishwashing liquid, bleach and furniture cleaning products, rubbed people up the wrong way on social media.

Shoprite has apologised for the display and said it was photographed out of context. They have since rectified the display with gifts for mothers.

The incident allegedly happened at Van Der Lingen in Paarl Checkers on May 4.

The contentious mothers display was changed and Checkers shared the updated version. According to the retail outlet, the Mothers Day merchandise was in the process of being moved from storage to the front of the store.

This did not stop social media accusing the store of appearing sexist.