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Riaan van Zyl
1 minute read
25 May 2018
3:11 pm

Illegal miners cause chaos in Roodepoort community

Riaan van Zyl

An elderly woman's hands were allegedly mutilated by the group of men.

Residents of the Plot 8 informal settlement on Progress Road in Lindhaven, Roodepoort, evacuated en masse last night when a terror campaign by zama zamas (illegal miners) reached boiling point, Roodepoort Record reports.

The Roodepoort Record was told by a member of the police, as well as members of this community, that the zama zamas have been terrorising them since they could no longer continue their illegal mining operations.

It is alleged that for the past two weeks they have been sexually assaulting women, assaulting residents and robbing them.

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On Wednesday, May 23, the illegal miners allegedly mutilated an elderly woman’s hands. The fed-up community chased away the Lesotho nationals on Thursday morning, but they returned, armed and in larger numbers. Most of the residents fled the settlement last night and took refuge at the Shell Garage on Progress Road.

SAPS and metro police stood guard until the early hours of the morning to ensure the community’s safety, while West Suburbs Roodepoort Neighbourhood Watch mobilised swiftly to supply the stranded residents, which included infants, with soup and blankets.

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