Siphokazi Zama
2 minute read
20 Jun 2018
12:21 pm

Springs business finds innovative way to reuse used motor oil

Siphokazi Zama

The facility is committed to sustainable, environmentally conscious business practices.

Kassie Beck stands in front of the processing tank where the oil will be dehydrated.

SA Fuel & Combustion Supplies in Springs have found a novel way to reuse motor oil while simultaneously creating jobs and saving the environment, Springs Advertiser reports.

The business takes used motor oil and converts it into a burning fuel.

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“We get used motor oil from our suppliers, remove water from it and through our machinery then convert it into a burning fuel.

“We then sell that to our customers in the asphalt and sand-drying industries among others,” says owner Kassie Beck.

Operations Manager Barries Owlewgen in the laboratory, where each drop of oil coming into the facility will be tested.

The process of conversion starts with the testing of each oil sample that is brought into the facility. This determines how much water there is in the oil, which then it goes into the receiving tank.

From the receiving tank, it goes into the processing tank where the burners are fired, and the oil is heated to 110 degrees to get the water out and to make it thinner.

After that, the process of converting it into a burning fuel begins, with the steam and ash being released into the atmosphere after it has been cleaned.

Husband and wife Kassie and Angelique Beck have found a new way to reuse used motor oil.

“We use a waste product to destroy waste, and it’s a really energy efficient process.

“Our aim is also to help save the environment and our emissions will fall below the recommended guidelines.

“This will be a very clean facility. You will not find a drop of oil if you visit this place.

“We also want to empower the small guys who bring in the oil to be part of the process,” says Beck.

At present, the business is licensed to handle 500 000 litres of oil every month, and the whole process is automated.

The company hopes to expand in the near future.

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