Eric Naki
Political Editor
2 minute read
21 Oct 2021
6:50 am

Concerns over Guptas matter with possible new Interpol head ‘untrusted’

Eric Naki

Gupta extradition could be in jeopardy as next possible Interpol president could be senior UAE security official that is notorious for system abuses.

Atul Gupta at the launch of ANN7 news channel on August 21, 2013, in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / James Oatway)

South Africa’s attempt to extradite the Gupta brothers could be in jeopardy with the likely election as the next Interpol president of a senior United Arab Emirates security official notorious for system abuses. Countries concerned with breaches in the manner that Interpol processed some red notices against political fugitives and dissidents have expressed alarm Major-General Naser al-Raisi – an executive member of Interpol – is reportedly the forerunner for the job. Representatives from members states are expected to gather in Turkey from 20 to 25 November to elect the next president. The Guardian recently cited concerned human rights organisations and...