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‘Attention seeker’ Mbalula got it all wrong, says Twitter

The minister has been advised to get his facts right before commenting.

In an attempt to start a discussion about US President Donald Trump and racism, Minister of Sports and Recreation Fikile Mbalula found himself on the receiving end of criticism from followers who said he got it wrong.

The minister shared a video of Trump shaking hands with religious leaders at his inauguration prayer service at Washington National Cathedral. Trump shook hands with all the white clergymen, except for the black man who decided to hold his staff with his right hand instead of shaking the president’s hand. In the video, one can see it is the black man who chooses not to extend his hand to Trump.

However, the minister shared the video with a caption: “Good morning tweeps, When you are a racist you can’t even hide it,” suggesting Trump was being racist, something his followers disagreed with.

“How do you simply assume this was a race issue. That pastor also had his staff in his arm no room for a hand shake mos,” said one followers, while another said it was the black man who ignored Trump.

“Please be objective before making such allegations,” they said.

Others just told “attention seeker” Mbalula to rather pay more attention to “our sporting teams that are underperforming”.

There were some who noticed that the minister had shared a video that might have been edited. They told the minister to look closely to see that the black guy had no shadow, meaning he was not even there to begin with.

“I’m very disappointed minister to post a fake,” one said.

Watch the video below:


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