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Bitter Trollip spends day insulting UDM, EFF and ANC on Twitter

He implied Holomisa was an apartheid collaborator, that Bobani was 'crooked', and that Malema was 'ridiculous'.

The ousted DA mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Athol Trollip, has made no secret of the fact that he’s hurting after losing power this week in a controversial motion of no confidence brought in him by the EFF.

He was replaced by the United Democratic Movement’s (UDM’s) Mongameli Bobani, a man who used to be his deputy but who was himself ousted after being accused of corruption by the DA. UDM leader Bantu Holomisa demanded evidence of this corruption and claims it was never truly forthcoming.

As a result, the UDM abandoned its support for the DA in the metro, which sounded the death knell for the DA’s governance on Monday when a DA councillor unexpectedly withheld his vote.

Since then, Trollip has been at the forefront of a court challenge against his ousting on the basis that the opposition had not followed the law in removing him in absentia.

Another sore point for the mayor must have been the fact that today the Iron Man World Championship was successfully hosted in the city, which was something Trollip had pushed hard to bring to Port Elizabeth.

He started the day by being a happy spectator at the event.

However, recent political developments have clearly been eating at him and he accused EFF leader Julius Malema of being someone known for making “ridiculous statements”; and he called Holomisa someone with the “propensity to insult anyone that differs with him or who exposes him for what he has become. He used to be an anti-corruption crusader but now he goes along to get along. I suppose that is how one becomes a General in an apartheid homeland army & government.”

He also slammed the new coalition for promoting an ANC councillor found guilty of assault, “Andile Lungisa, to the mayoral committee, by his crooked colleague Bobani, to head up the biggest and most important department with the biggest budget”.

The DA has called the new city government a “coalition of corruption” and Trollip continues to insist that he be regarded as the legitimate mayor.

Trollip was, in part, responding to the fact that Holomisa had been willing to be photographed with a smiling Jacob Zuma at the IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s 90th birthday party on Friday night.