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City of Joburg offers 10% discount on municipal bills to cash-strapped households

The City of Johannesburg has offered a 10% discount on municipal bills to residents that are struggling financially.

The current economy has made it hard for a lot of people to keep up with their utility bills. On Monday, the City of Johannesburg announced a discount on the minimum amount needed to be paid by households that have municipal debt.

The offer is only available to residential City of Joburg customers struggling to keep up with their monthly municipal bills.

The offer is only available from 22 April up until 31 May 2024.

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10% discount for Johannesburg residents

Director of Communications & Stakeholder Management, Kgamanyane Maphologela, said residents will only be liable for 10% of their debt during this period.

He said residents usually have to pay a 30% deposit on their debts to be eligible for payment arrangements.

“A resident who owes the City R100 000 for municipal services will now instead pay only R10 000 deposit and make payment arrangement without any questions asked,” Maphologela said.

He said this tactic is one of many aimed at easing the financial distress bestowed on the families.

“The City is mindful of enormous financial pressures many households are facing.

“It is committed to assist residents in keeping their rates and utility accounts up to date,” he added.

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Maphologela cautioned homeowners against debt increases and the risk of being ostracised by the city.

“All property owners who are struggling to service their accounts for various reasons should approach the City, to avoid being cut off by making payment arrangement and signing an acknowledgement of debt,” he said.  

Where to apply for the discount

Anyone who would like to take advantage of the discount can visit any of the seven walk-in customer service facilities around Johannesburg.

Additionally, qualifying residents are asked to bring copies of the identity document (ID) of the person responsible for the utility account. In cases where the account holder is unable to visit the centres themselves, a power of attorney may be applicable.

Visit the City of Joburg website to get the full list of available walk-in centres.

People who cannot visit the customer service centers in person are advised to email creditcontrol@joburg.org.za.

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