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21 Aug 2019
7:24 pm

Phoenix triple murders: Physical and DNA evidence ‘points to accused’

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Colin Pillay is accused of murdering his married lover Jane Govindsamy and her daughters, Denisha and Rackelle.

Justice in court. Picture: Twitter

The final day of cross-examining the sole suspect in the Phoenix triple murder trial concluded with the prosecution again lambasting 47-year-old Colin Pillay in the KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Durban.

Pillay, who has endured a difficult few days of cross-examination from senior State advocate Cheryl Naidu, was again agitated and aggressive on the stand.

He is accused of murdering his married lover Jane Govindsamy and her daughters, Denisha and Rackelle, at their home in Phoenix on September 20, 2018.

Pillay allegedly got into the home and murdered each of the women as they came onto the premises.

On Wednesday, Naidu questioned why Pillay had been insistent throughout the trial that Govindsamy had been menstruating.

She said that his claim that Govindsamy had divulged this information to him was implausible.

“The reason it is put to you that you would never know such a thing, is because it is clear from the evidence that Jane did not want to pursue a relationship with you and ended contact. You were the one running behind her.”

Naidu instead alleged that Pillay knew she was having a period because he had tried to have sex with her before he killed her.

“But you saw that she had a sanitary pad [on] and that you could not. That is why you have been so sure. The truth is Jane had found someone else and didn’t want anything to do with you.”

Replying, Pillay frantically said: “No, I am telling you that Jane told me.”

Pillay was visibly nervous when Naidu used physical evidence to implicate him.

She said that the injuries police had viewed on him just after the incident were consistent with the injuries to all three women.

“The cut on your hand has the same serrated edge as Jane’s. The knife was broken and she had a cut consistent with a struggle.”

Naidu said that scratch marks on Pillay’s hands were consistent with long nails that both daughters had.

“Jane may not have had long nails, but the girls certainly did. This is also the reason why you ended up at a garage shop after the murders. You bought plasters after you left the crime scene.”

Naidu further alleged that Pillay had punched Rackelle, who may have walked in on him killing her sister.

“You punched Rackelle and the evidence shows she was punched. There was a witness who heard a scream coming from the direction of the home on the day in question. After she was punched, you strangled her, that is why you have her DNA on your hand.”

The matter continues on Friday.

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