Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
15 Jun 2020
11:55 am

WATCH: Looting frenzy after CIT truck targeted in Soweto

Gopolang Moloko

Three people found looting were allegedly detained by officials.

Bucketloads of cash were looted on Monday morning after a cash-in-transit vehicle was attacked in Dobsonville Soweto.

In videos of the incident, community members can be seen frantically scrambling for leftover cash, and the bystander filming it is heard commenting that the robbers left plenty of loot behind for the community.

He even told looters to avoid running, as they could get hurt. A large number of community members are seen fearlessly running past the burning vehicle situated next to the CIT truck, in an attempt to flee with cash.

Details of the robbery are still unconfirmed.

Onlookers claim three people caught looting were detained by law enforcement. This is still to be confirmed by police.

An inquiry has been sent to police with feedback expected on the CIT bombing.

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