Sipho Mabena
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16 Nov 2021
12:46 pm

Petrol or chemicals? Curious twist in Sasol’s theft saga

Sipho Mabena

Police found Sasol's contradiction about what happened 'bizarre and curious'.

Mystery cargo: Police insist this seized tanker, currently at Secunda police station, was carrying chemicals and not petrol

In a curious twist that has baffled police, Sasol has revealed it was petrol – and not chemicals – that was intercepted at its Secunda plant in Mpumalanga. This was in stark contradiction to the statement released earlier by the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks). At the time, the Hawks reporter that the employees arrested by its Serious Organised Crime Investigation unit were trying to steal 26,900kg in chemicals to the value of R100,000. Sasol chemicals theft Petrol or chemicals? According to police, the tanker was seized and the duo was arrested on Sunday morning after the driver of the...