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eMalahleni family man murdered in cold blood

Ndzame Dambuza was murdered while playing a game of cards with one of his best friends and colleagues.

Mr Ndzame Dambuza, a 28-year-old father of two young children aged four years and 14 months respectively, was shot through the chest, Witbank News reports.

Dambuza was murdered in cold blood while playing a game of cards with one of his best friends and colleagues.

On Sunday, April 14 at approximately 8pm, Dambuza and his friend were playing a game of cards at a tavern in the informal settlement next to Bethel Road when a blue Volkswagen Golf pulled up into the parking lot.

Eyewitnesses recall seeing four men exiting the vehicle.

Two of the men allegedly remained outside of the tavern, seemingly waiting with the vehicle, while the other two men entered the tavern.

The two men entered the tavern and immediately shouted: “Get down on the ground!” in Zulu, pointing a revolver at the people inside of the tavern.

Eyewitnesses said that everyone immediately dropped to the ground.

Allegedly one of the two men inside of the tavern then stepped forward, looked to the right, and fired a shot directly at Dambuza.

In a different part of eMalahleni, at roughly 8.40pm, Mrs Monique Venter was awoken by one of her assistants.

Monique owns Avisha Sprayworks where Dambuza had been employed as a supervisor.

“Ndzame’s been shot,” the assistant informed Monique.

Monique got out of bed and ran to her car.

“Ndzame and I have been working together for years, we had an amazing friendship. The minute I heard that Ndzame had been shot, I jumped in my car and phoned the Community Policing Forum (CPF) to dispatch emergency services to the area. I sped to the tavern where I knew the shooting had happened. When I got to the crime scene, my first concern was Ndzame. I sprinted over to where Ndzame was lying and knelt down next to him. I saw the hole in the left side of his chest, but felt for a pulse anyway. I was desperate for him to still be alive,” Monique recounted, sobbing heart-brokenly, “but there was no pulse. He was already gone.”

The four men had apparently come with the intention to kill, not steal, as eyewitnesses report that nothing had been stolen or taken by the men.

Dambuza leaves behind a loving wife and two beautiful children.

“Ndzame was a real family man. He loved his wife, but he would have done absolutely anything for his children. He was a wonderful father and it’s an absolute tragedy that his children will grow up without him. He was always only kind to me. He wouldn’t let me even work on my own trailers because it wasn’t a lady’s place, and if I was still at the shop after closing time he’d jokingly tell me ‘I’m giving you instructions to go home and tjaila now!’”

Donations towards Dambuza’s family are currently being accepted to help them through this difficult time.

Dambuza’s wife and children are in need of basic necessities such as food, cleaning, and household supplies.

Monetary donations towards Dambuza’s funeral will also be accepted.

If you wish to make a donation to this family, who has lost their breadwinner in this awful tragedy, you can contact Mrs Monique Venter on 079 064 3640.

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