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Limpopo Grade 7 boy allegedly rapes Grade 2 girl in school toilet

A seven-year-old pupil from a primary school in Shongoane village was allegedly raped on Friday.

The Limpopo MEC for social development, Nandi Ndalane, has urged parents and teachers to urgently educate their children about sexual health.

The MEC’s call comes after a seven-year-old pupil from a primary school in Shongoane village was allegedly raped on Friday.

Girl raped on school premises

Limpopo police spokesperson Colonel Malesela Ledwaba said the Grade 2 pupil was on the school premises when she was taken to a toilet and unexpectedly raped by a Grade 7 pupil between midday and 2:30 pm.

Ledwaba said the victim arrived at home complaining about leg injuries, and her mother checked but thought it was just a minor injury. After a few minutes, the child started crying and was put on the bed for observation.

The mother, however, noticed that something was wrong with her private part, and she was rushed to a local clinic.

“Upon arrival, a minor child was examined by the medical personnel, who later confirmed that indeed she had been raped and also confirmed the ordeal to one of the medical personnel,” Ledwaba said.

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The police’s investigations are continuing, and the suspect is known to the police, but he has not been arrested.

Sex and sexual health education

Reacting to the incident, Ndalane said it is now urgent for parents and teachers to educate and bring awareness about sex and sexual health to their children.

“It is urgent for parents and teachers alike to educate children about sex and sexual health, as these incidences appear to be happening frequently,” she said.

The MEC added that the department was ready to provide support in this regard, where some communities may find it difficult.

“Communities are encouraged to organise local structures that can be capacitated in sex and sexual health by our social work practitioners,” said Ndalane.

The MEC further emphasised that children need to be protected against premature sexual exposure, which has the potential to leave life-long trauma.

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The department confirmed that it will dispatch social work practitioners to provide psychosocial support to the victim and her family.

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