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‘Some clients prefer to negotiate’ – Sex worker testifies in trial of man up for murder of 6

Only three of six sex worker bodies have been identified in the trial of then 21-year-old Sifiso Mkhwanazi, who allegedly confessed to killing the six women.

Sifiso Mkhwanazi’s trial who was allegedly driven by vengeance and anger to kill six sex workers in 2022 resumed on Tuesday at the Johannesburg High Court sitting in Palm Ridge. The court heard about sex transactions when the state’s fourth witness returned to the stand to conclude her evidence-in-chief.

The sex worker who preferred using the pseudonym “Miss A” stood on the stand on Monday and informed the court of the events that transpired before and after she last saw Joyce Moyo.

Moyo is one of the three victims of six sex workers who have been identified as Mkhwanazi’s victims. Moyo’s body was found covered by a transparent plastic sheet hidden at the rear of scrap metal.

Miss A’s sex transactions

The defence attorney conducting the cross examination, Vuyo Maqetuka asked Miss A to detail her sex transactions with her clients and how she agrees on different durations of times.

Detailing the terms of her business, the sex worker stated that she discusses the desired services and the corresponding charges with the client.

She added that payment is typically made in advance, and if any extra services are requested, payment for those services is also required upfront before her interactions with her clients.

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“When I reach the client, we talk about prices. Some clients prefer to negotiate. But first, l have to get my money,” she said.

She further added that problems arise “when you agree to do the work before the payment”.

According to Miss A she had no knowledge of sex workers eliciting money from clients they had already done business with by intimidating them with rape charges.

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At the time of the cross-examination, when asked by state prosecutor Leswikane Mashabela if she had tried to blackmail a client with rape charges after doing business, the sex worker said she had not.

However, Miss A provided a vague response when she was questioned about the reason that could lead to a client being accused of rape.

The sex worker testified that it depends on how one handles the situation since they operate in various locations and encounter different circumstances.

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“A customer can take you to his place and will do whatever he wants to do with you, but where we operate a client will never have a disagreement because there are people guarding us,” she told the court.


According to formal charges laid against Mkhwanazi, the trail of Mkhwanazi’s grim crimes began in April of 2022 and ended six months later in October.

Mkhwanazi was arrested after the discovery of Moyo’s body in his father’s panelbeater shop.

Although he allegedly only admitted to killing all six of the sex workers, among the six charges of murder, he also faces seven counts of rape, six counts of obstructing the administration of justice, robbery with aggravating circumstances, and unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.

“His modus operandi involved luring the victims, all of whom were sex workers, on different days under the pretense of payment for engaging in sexual activities. He would then proceed to rape and strangle them, except for one victim, Chihota Nyarai, whom he shot,” according to Mkhwanazi’s indictment.

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The trial will resume on Wednesday.

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