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By Jarryd Westerdale

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Two suspects charged in connection with Khayelitsha barbershop murders

City of Cape Town officials blame the area's crime problem on a lack of trust in the police and a lack of policing resources.

Two men will appear in the Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court on Friday in connection with a shooting that rocked the Cape Flats.

Three children and a 30-year-old man were shot dead at a barbershop in Qwarha Street in Site C, Khayelitsha, on Saturday afternoon.

Seven others were injured in the incident with two more escaping the scene unharmed. The two suspects, revealed by police to be 24 and 28, will face charges of murder and attempted murder.

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“Western Cape Serious Violent Crime detectives have been hard at work. With the investigation unfolding, the possibility of more arrests and further charges being pursued cannot be ruled out,” stated Western Cape police spokesperson Brigadier Novela Potelwa.

Details of barbershop shooting

As per police reports, unknown gunmen entered the crowded shop at roughly 4pm and opened fire on those inside the premises.

Two children, aged 11 and 12 died at the scene, with a five-year-old later succumbing to their injuries. The 30-year-old man also died at the scene.

Motive for the shooting is yet to be divulged.

Mayor Hill-Lewis calls for swift action

Cape Town mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis urged police to spare no resources in solving the ruthless murders.

“There simply must be valuable information within the community on how to trace these gangsters and ensure justice for the young lives lost so tragically,” stated Hill-Lewis.

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He described Cape Town’s criminals as having no fear of the police or authority, stressing the situation must change by ensuring arrests and convictions.

MMC for Safety and Security JP Smith blamed the province’s crime problem on the lack of resources and a police service failing to implement a modern approach to policing.

“I also reiterate our previous calls for the devolution of investigative and crime intelligence powers to the city’s enforcement services to allow us to step up where the national government has let SAPS down,” said Smith.

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