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By Narissa Subramoney

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What is a matric certificate and what can you do with it?

The matric certificate is not only a rite of passage, but it serves as proof that you have successfully completed your first round of academic studies.

As the class of 2021 gets ready to bid farewell to their high school careers, you may be wondering if the matric certificate is relevant and how far it can get you in life.

The matric certificate is not only a rite of passage, but it serves as proof that you have successfully completed your first round of academic studies.

Having a matric certificate opens the door to further studying opportunities.

Visit The Citizen’s matric portal to view your results and see who South Africa’s top performers are.

Every institution has its own entry requirements, but it’s safe to say that you cannot access tertiary education without this essential school-leaving document.

Depending on how you well (or bad) pass, you can study at a university, technikon or TVET college.

Bachelor’s degree pass

In your final year of high school, the pressure to pass matric with a Bachelor’s Pass can be downright draining and overwhelming. Some will even make it seem as though not obtaining a Bachelor’s Pass will be the death knell of adulthood.

This is because a Bachelor’s Pass is the minimum requirement to access a university degree.

University degrees can also pave the way to obtaining high-paying jobs.

But, in the current economic climate, a large number of university graduate are struggling to enter the job market and many of them are unemployed.

Diploma pass 

A diploma pass allows you to only study a diploma course at an institution of higher education or TVET college.

So if you fail a subject, there’s no need to panic; you still qualify for higher education.

While a Bachelor’s Pass offers more study options, a lower grade pass isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The world will always need electricians, plumbers, boilermakers, artisans, beauticians etc.

When the house toilet is clogged, having a medical degree means diddly squat. You want a plumber when sh*t hits the fan… literally.

Trade skills are essential in any economy, and therefore it is not impossible to even immigrate with a good trade skill.

You can run a successful business with these often-underrated and understated skills.

You may have to invest in a course to understand the basics of running a business, but this can be done at a later stage in your chosen career.

Certificate pass 

This is the lowest pass you can receive. With this pass, you can study towards a higher certificate, but you can only fail one subject.

Your matric certificate can also offer access to lower-skilled employment opportunities in the job market if tertiary education is not on the cards immediately after graduation.

Matric second chance

The Department of Basic Education has a second chance matric programme that provides a second shot at getting your matric certificate by offering a chance to rewrite your exams. 

If you failed your matric exams and still want to get your matric certificate, you can apply for this programme.

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