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WATCH: Malema urges Lenasia residents to reject political parties that support Israel

Malema also warned load shedding will resume on May 29th during vote counting, alleging it as a tactic to facilitate election manipulation

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has urged the Muslim community of Lenasia to reject all political parties that support the Israeli government in its attack on Palestinians in Gaza.

Malema made the remarks during his Town Hall meeting, taking the party’s message of nationalisation, quality education for all, eradicting crime, load shedding and Israel’s attack on Gaza to residents of Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, on Saturday.

Malema was flanked by other EFF members including Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, Dali Mpofu and Carl Niehaus among others.

Watch EFF leader Julius Malema say load shedding will return during vote counting


Lenasia and Lenasia South has been plagued by service delivery issues, drugs, land grabs, and other criminal activities in the area with residents pleading with local government to assist the community.

Malema implored Lenasians to reject political parties that are not on the side of Palestine.

“Why would a Muslim, a true Muslim vote for the DA that supports apartheid Israel which is committing genocide.”

Malema made a number of promises to the community of Lenasia if they vote for the EFF in the upcoming national and provincial elections.

“Vote for the EFF and have the jobs for our people; vote for the EFF, see everyone have a piece of land; vote for the EFF, see the removal of the Israeli embassy in June. If you vote for the EFF, that is going to be in the acceptance speech of the president.”

Melema said the EFF would only require three months to curb crime in Lenasia.

“We are one organisation, that if given the responsibility, it will not take us three months to reduce crime close to nothing because we will not be kind of government that will smile with criminals.”

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Stealing the vote

Malema also said the reprieve from load shedding the country is currently experiencing will be short-lived, adding that the rolling blackouts will make a comeback after the May 29 polls.

Malema claimed load shedding is manmade and questioned why there was no load shedding during the Rugby World Cup, saying it was to appease the “captains of the industry.”

The red berets leader said after the elections, the power would go off so that the vote could be stolen.

“On the 29th of May nine o’ clock when counting starts,, because they want us to count in darkness so that they can steal the elections, the same way they stole elections here in Gauteng.”

The red berets leader assured Lenasia residents that all their challenges would be a thing of the past if they put their trust in the EFF, adding that the African National Congress (ANC) failed South Africans including the community of Lenasia.

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