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By Cornelia Le Roux

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‘A real dripper’: Inside the lavish matric dance of Julius Malema’s son [VIDEOS, PICS]

Swank and swagger: EFF leader Julius Malema provided a glimpse of the posh matric dance affair of his son Ratanang.

Proud father and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema headed to social media this week to share some footage of the matric dance of his eldest son, Ratanang.

The controversial politician shared some photos and a video on Instagram: From helping his son prep and polish for his big night out to playing chauffeur in a Mercedes G-Wagons valued at R3.3 million.

The video clip also shows Ratanang, or “Rati” as he is fondly known, meeting up with his schoolmates at an ultra lavish mansion before heading off to the dance with their glammed-up partners.

Julius Malema and sons

Ratanang, who turned 17 in October last year, attends the posh private Catholic boys’ school St David’s Marist Inanda, in Johannesburg. He is the son of the 43-year-old politician and his former partner Maropeng Ramohlale.

According to the school’s fee structure, Malema is roughly forking out a total of R170 000 for his son’s matric year, or R16 000 per month.

Malema has two other sons — Munzhedzi (eight) and Kopano (six) — with Mantwa Matlala whom he married in 2014. 

julius malema sons
Julius Malema poses ahead with his sons ahead of Ratanang’s matric dance. Photo: Instagram/ julius.malema.sello

Ratanang Malema’s big night out

In the video, Malema helps Rati with his tie and suave black suit while some family members and one of his son’s friends also make an appearance

The EFF leader — whose eldest son shares his passion for DJing — captioned the post:

I made the decision to become a father, and I have been putting in a lot of effort.

“Yesterday was a memorable and exciting experience. I had the pleasure of assisting my eldest son as he prepared for his matric dance and became his chauffeur,” he continued. 

“Our success is largely due to the fact that our ancestors never taught us to be envious, hateful or jealous.”

Malema ended off his post by saying: “I am proud to say that the event was executed beautifully, and my son did an incredible job”.

Watch the video below:

Malema ‘matric dance photo album’

Comments from the politician’s Instagram followers on the video, ranged from “Fresh, clean, class” to “Lowkey, a real dripper”.

julius malema
Julius Malema helps his eldest son with the final touches to his appearance ahead of Ratanang’s matric farewell. Photos: Instagram/ julius.malema.sello
julius malema son ratanang matric dance
Ratanang Malema looking suave in his black tailored suit.
julius malema wife son ratanang
Julius Malema’s wife, Mantwa Matlala strikes an elegant figure next to Ratanang and the EFF leader.
julius malema son ratanang
Ratanang Malema does ‘The Walk’ with some of his friends.
julius malema son ratanang matric
The matrics and their partners pose at the luxurious get-together ahead of the dance.
julius malema son ratanang
Ratanang Malema and his date for the evening.

‘My son is commanding a battalion at school’ – Julius Malema

In October last year, Malema expressed his excitement that his eldest son had like his father taken up the space of leadership at his private school, leading a “battalion” into song with a “war cry”.

The politician shared a video of the occasion, captioned:

“Leadership begins with taking small steps. Always know that the journey of leadership is a gradual process built upon incremental actions, discipline and resilience. Like his father, my son is commanding a battalion at school.🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾.”

Juju and son on the decks

Malema and Ratanang have regularly been spotted doing some father-son bonding.

A year ago, a video of them DJing together and getting into the groove at a private party did the rounds on social media. Take a look:


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