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28 Aug 2021
5:14 pm

State Security employees warned to stop talking to the media or face sanctions

Citizen Reporter

State Security employees who are found guilty of violating legislation governing intelligence services could be fined or imprisoned.

Acting director-general at the State Security Agency, Ambassador Gab Msimang. Picture:

State Security employees have been warned against leaking information to the media.

According to a statement issued by the State Security Agency (SSA) on Saturday, this follows an urgent meeting of senior management at the agency which met to discuss, among other topics, “concerning incidents” of information leaks leading to negative media reports and social media posts that are said to “embarrass and damage the image of the agency.”

In addition to the media statement sent out by the agency, Acting Director-General Gab Msimanga issued an internal memo to all State Security employees to “remind members that the distribution of classified information and unauthorized sharing of classified documents violates the provisions of legislation governing intelligence services.”

Msimanga said members who are found guilty of violating these legislative provisions would be liable to a fine of R10,000 or 10 years imprisonment or both.

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“Investigations are currently underway into members responsible for leaking sensitive and classified information. On completion of the investigations, those found to be behind the leaks will be appropriately sanctioned,” confirmed the DG in the statement.

Both Msimanga and SSA management are said to be concerned that some of the leaked information contains falsehoods that are aimed at deliberately causing confusion and anarchy within and outside the agency. 

“We have already identified potential culprits who are spreading wrong and damaging rumours about the credibility and competence of some of our members within the agency. We are following them up and within no time, we will act against them” commented Msimanga.

He further emplored State Security employees said to be “discharging their responsibilities with integrity” to continue doing so while assuring all SSA employees to remain positive despite the ongoing investigations and threats of sanctions. 

“Our members should not be discouraged by such negative elements in the organization including the falsehoods about unfounded allegations of favouritism in foreign placements as an example, which, contrary to wrong reports in the media has not been concluded by either myself or the former Executive Authority.”

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Compiled by Kaunda Selisho