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Angela Bekiaris
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11 Jan 2018
1:27 pm

8 weightlifting workout tips for beginners

Angela Bekiaris

If your spine isn’t positioned right, it could lead to injury and long-term damage.

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Have you just started to work out? Or are you thinking about getting started with bikini season around the corner?

Don’t panic, we have eight beginner weightlifting workout tips to help you out. After all, you don’t want to burn out, get injured or, well, overdo it and hate it, right? shares some fabulous beginner tips — ones that can be used by all of us in fact, no many how many years we have been training.

1. Make fitness a habit

Schedule it in like you would any other appointment if you’re serious about exercise and seeing results. Try to work out at least three to four times a week, even for just 20-30 minutes at a time while starting out.

2. Control your lifts

Experts explain that ‘most often, bad form comes from trying to lift too much weight too soon’.

3. Do compound movements

If this is your first time in the gym, don’t go right to isolation moves that work just one muscle group at a time as it won’t bring you the best results.

4. Watch your posture

If your spine isn’t positioned right, it could lead to injury and long-term damage. Experts suggest you keep your lower back slightly arched, your chest up, and your head and neck in a neutral position, no matter which lift you’re doing.

5. Stick to your diet

Exercising works hand in hand with healthy eating. A clean diet is vital if you want to see results.

6. Learn from mistakes

You’re not an expert, so see what you’re doing wrong and learn from it for the next workout session.

7. Finish all your reps

Don’t just focus on the first part of the lift.

8. Ask questions

Don’t be shy — that’s how you’ll learn and that’s how you’ll get better. Failing to ask questions can lead you to develop bad habits, lift improperly, and find yourself working hard without seeing results, explain experts.

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