Hein Kaiser
4 minute read
24 Dec 2021
4:02 pm

Opposition to ‘ridiculous and irresponsible’ updated Covid tracing rules

Hein Kaiser

Critics say the spread of the Omicron variant may be accelerated, and the rules amount to a "survival of the fittest scenario".

Covid tests will only be required if you get ill as new rules take effect. Picture Hein Kaiser

Government's updated rules regarding tracing and quarantining of Covid contacts may have changed the course of the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa drastically. On Thursday Department of Health Director General Dr Sandile Buthelezi put an end to contact tracing and quarantining, while changing isolation rules with immediate effect. In the circular detailing the change, it also indicates a significant move in national policy, in contrast to global healthcare responses on the Omicron variant, from containment of the virus to mitigation. Also Read: Health Department stops tracing, quarantining of Covid contacts Last week the Ministerial Advisory Committee shared several recommendations with...