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KZN floods death toll rises to 443

KwaZulu Natal Premier Zihle Zikalala confirmed that the official KZN floods death toll had risen to 443 with 63 people still missing.

Speaking during a live briefing on Sunday afternoon, KwaZulu Natal Premier Zihle Zikalala confirmed that the official KZN floods death toll had risen to 443 with 63 people still missing.

As of Saturday, the death toll stood at 398, with 27 people still missing. 

He also confirmed, as outlined in previous briefings and TV interviews, that a KZN floods war room had been established comprising various provincial stakeholders.

Zikalala provided an update on the water supply restoration efforts to different areas which have experienced an interrupted water supply as a result of the floods. 

According to the Premier, monitoring teams have been put in place in an effort to protect funds put in place to assist victims of the floods.

Additionally, the treasurer-general will be brought on board to perform the necessary audits, even before projects commence and funds are dispersed to ensure that no corruption takes place. 

Social relief

According to KZN Cogta, community halls across the province are being used as shelter for the hundreds of people that have been displaced as a result of the floods. Additionally, soup kitchens have been set up in partnership with sister departments and non-governmental organisations.

“As part of the intervention by the South African Social Services Agency (Sassa), the value of the cash benefit has now been changed from R700 to R1980 for the disaster cases only where there has been a loss of all the belongings,” explained Cogta. 

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“Where there is a loss of life, this amount is doubled to the family being assisted. The value of a normal food voucher has also increased from R700 to R1200 as of 13 April 2020.”

In addition, Zikalala said that the government and other stakeholders have come forward to help families in need of financial assistance to bury their loved ones who died as a result of the floods in a dignified manner. Mutual Assurance Society Avbob is one of the stakeholders who has come on board for this. 

KZN roads

While he did not have the necessary data on hand during the briefing, the Premier estimated the current damage to provincial road networks at R5.6 billion. 

Roads in the province were severely affected by the floods but by Sunday, Zikalalala had said the province had managed to open the N2 and N3 national roads.

KZN floods donations

Over and above the billions of Rands donated to the province this far, an account at ABSA bank has been set up by the provincial government for those that might want to contribute to relief efforts.

Name: KZN Floods Disaster Account.

Bank: ABSA

Account number: 41 0383 1029

Branch Code: 632005

Zikalala has also confirmed that ABSA itself has committed to donating R10 million to the government towards relief efforts. 

Compiled by Kaunda Selisho

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