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Lion on the loose in the North West after jumping off back of bakkie

The lioness was being transported to a different location when it made its getaway.

A female lion escaped on Wednesday while it was being transported in the North West.

Police in the province have warned the community that a lioness is on the prowl and precautions need to be taken.

Lion escape

Police spokesperson Captain Aafje Botma said the lioness was being transported to a different location when it made its getaway.

“A lioness escaped from her container whilst in transit on the back of a Ford Ranger bakkie on the Beesdam road between Stella and Tlagameng on Wednesday 22 February 2023.

“The owner only realised that she escaped when he reached his destination at Tlagameng Nature Reservation and farmers are on the lookout for the animal,” Botma said.

Search and rescue

Speaking to The Citizen, Jerry Matebes from the Department of Economic Development, Conservation and Tourism in the North West province said two lions were being transported, and one escaped.

“The owner of the two lions discovered a female lion had escaped as he stopped to check on the animals. The rescue mission that involves a chopper has since started and the mission will continue today.”

Matebes has urged the community not attempt to capture the animal but rather contact the department or the police.

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Wildcat escapes

A number of wild cats have escaped from captivity in the past few months, including a tiger in Edenvale and another tiger, Sheba, which was shot dead in Walkerville.

Sheba, a fully grown tigress, was part of a privately owned male/female duo, living on a smallholding at Walker Fruit Farm.


Sheba escaped from her enclosure after the fences were cut.

Community policing forum representative Gresham Mandy told The Citizen her owner reported that his fence had been deliberately cut.

“According to the owner, his fences were cut by people who had ill intentions which is probably to come and steal and break into the house, he said.

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