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Cheryl Kahla
Deputy Online News Editor
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5 Nov 2021
11:48 am

Load shedding stage to escalate over weekend if Kendal loses all units

Cheryl Kahla

The load shedding forecast for the weekend looks grim... Three units are down at Kendal, and the fourth is at risk of being shut down.

The Kendall Power Station in Delmas. Picture: Gallo Images/Foto24/Loanna Hoffmann

Eskom on Friday announced it would be implementing stage 2 load shedding as units were taken offline at the Kendal power station.

UPDATE: Move over Stage 2, Stage 4 load shedding has arrived

However, South Africans may face a dark weekend ahead…

Load shedding stage 2

Dark weekend ahead

Eskom said it expects the load shedding stage “to escalate into the weekend”. The power utility said:

“This can only be confirmed once we have a better understanding of these problems and when it is likely to be resolved”.

Eskom had to implement stage 2 power cuts after the return of units at Lethabo and Majuba power stations were delayed.

In addition, a unit tripped at Tutuka, while three unis at Kendal were also taken down.

The power utility said it does not “have a better understanding of these problems” at this stage, and will only be able to confirm the state of the grid later.

No coal, Kendal on the brink

Eskom spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha said three generation units were shut down at the Kendal power station. He explains:

“We had to shut down three units at the Kendal power station because there is a power fault on the conveyer belt, feeding coal to the power station.”

He said Eskom is anticipating the fourth and remaining Kendal unit will also be shut down.

“The conveyor belts supplying these units are currently not running due to a power fault. No coal is reaching the station at this point.”

“The last remaining unit will be forced down just now, which means all four units will be down at Kendal and this then might necessate the stage of load shedding going into the weekend.”

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