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‘Intensity of load shedding coming down’ – Ramokgopa

Ramokgopa added that a number of power station units are also expected to come back online which should ease load shedding.

Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa said the intensity of load shedding is coming down.

Ramokgopa was providing an update on the implementation of the Energy Action Plan (EAP) on Sunday as the country continues to battle rampant rolling blackouts.

Ramokgopa said the country is making progress in mitigating the deliberate power cuts.

Ending load shedding

“We have responded to the intensity of load shedding, it’s coming down. The number of days that we’ve experienced load shedding is exceptionally high and we are on course for a record number of those days.

“But these briefings are really important to show you what the trend line is and we are confident that we’ll get out of a very difficult situation… We remain confident in our ability to resolve the load shedding question,” Ramokgopa said.

Ramokgopa added that a number of power station units are also expected to come back online which should ease load shedding.

“I did indicate Tutuka an opportunity, the units that are going to come in at Kusile and the continuation of the improvements in various aspect of the other power stations. Cumulative we will see that the energy availability factor will continue to go up and we will come out of this situation.”

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China deal

Earlier this week, Ramokgopa urged South Africa not to start celebrating a return to normality after the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between the government and eight Chinese energy entities.

The agreement signed on Wednesday 23 August has been hailed as a milestone in the efforts to end power cuts and is expected to add an additional 9 000 megawatts to the grid by December.

Ramokgopa refused to provide timelines, saying more work needed to be done to end power cuts.

He said ending power cuts meant “having electricity on a 24-hour basis”.

State Grid Corporation of China chair Baoan Xin described the signing as “quite significant in addressing the power crisis in South Africa”.

“This marks a new chapter of our collaboration and we are ready to work with yourselves in carrying out the terms of agreements signed by our respective state leaders,” he said.

Power cuts

Meanwhile, Eskom has suspended load shedding until 4pm on Sunday afternoon due to lower electricity demand.

The embattled power utility said stage 3 load shedding will then be implemented from 4pm on Sunday, until Monday morning.

Additional reporting by Brian Sokutu

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