Bianca Pindral
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5 Dec 2017
11:09 am

Triple murder accused now charged with 11 murders

Bianca Pindral

Four more murders that occurred in 2012 have been added to the accused’s list of charges, one of the victims being Valentine’s young wife.

A timeline of the 11 murders the court charged the accused with. Image: Bianca Pindral

Committing 11 murders over four years — this is how many believed the Steyn family spent most of their time, Krugersdorp News reports.

Marcel, Cecilia, Marinda and Leroux Steyn, together with Zak Valentine, better known as the triple murder accused, were initially thought to have committed only three murders and were, again, initially just charged with those three.

However, the murder charges kept piling up, with multiple appearances in both the Krugersdorp Magistrates’ Court and now the Johannesburg High Court.

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The first victims in Krugersdorp were Hanlé Lategan, Kevin McAlpine, and Anthony Scholefield.

Then the court added four more murders to their charges – the deaths of the Noordheuwel couple, Peter and Joan Meyer, Glen McGregor and Jarrod Jackson.

Now, added to the seven, are four more murders including Valentine’s wife Michaela, as well as Natacha Burger, Joyce Boonzaaier, and Pastor Reginald Bendixen.

Valentine’s wife was only 25 years old when her body was found, and is believed to be the youngest of the victims. Bendixen was the oldest victim at 75.

The victims had various occupations, ranging from a property agent and an accountant to a hawker and a pastor.

Other charges, including racketeering, aggravated assault, being in possession of an unlicensed firearm, committing fraud and identity theft were also brought against them.

The trial date is set for 18 April 2018 in Court Room 2F at the Johannesburg High Court.

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