Michaela Steele
2 minute read
1 Apr 2018
4:32 pm

10 items to keep in your car in case of an emergency

Michaela Steele

To avoid being ill-prepared in any situation, be sure to stock up on these items to keep in your vehicle.

Ladysmith Gazette has compiled a list of 10 things you should probably make sure are in your car, to prepare for anything.

In case an emergency occurs, or you find yourself in a situation that requires s0me specialised equipment, rest assured that you can cope if you keep the following 10 things handy in your car.

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1. Tyre changing supplies: This kit includes items such as a spare tyre, the iron, lug wrench and a tyre jack.

2. Tyre sealant: This is a quick fix to repair a leaking or punctured tyre.

3. Jumper cables: These are very important, as a dead battery can take you by surprise and leave you stranded. Also, not everyone keeps these in their car, so it’s best to have your own set.

4. Gas can: Always keep extra fuel in case you run out. This is safer and more convenient than walking to the nearest gas station.

5. Fire extinguisher: If yours or another car catches fire, or you come across a small fire, then this will be a necessity.

6. First aid kit: In case you or someone else gets injured, this will come in handy, and is easily tucked away in the car. Make sure to replace your kits every year.

7. Flashlight: Do not rely on your cell phone for this. Instead, invest in a good flashlight.

8. Multi-tool: You never know what tools you may need, so having this in your car will cover all your bases.

9. Emergency food: Not only for if the youngsters get hungry, but packing emergency food in case you get stuck in traffic or stranded is always a must.

10. Reflective triangles: In case there is an accident or a vehicle has broken down, you will need these to warn other motorists.

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