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7 May 2018
12:19 pm

Donate plastic waste to help owls

CNS Reporter

Residents can purchase a large plastic recycling bag for R199, which is delivered for free.

An Owl Rescue Centre recycling bag.

Owl Rescue Centre, a registered nonprofit rehabilitation facility concerned with the well-being of all owl species in southern Africa, has come up with a genius use for recycled plastic that benefits the birds as well as raises funds for a much-needed cause, Kempton Express reports.

The organisation’s founders, Brendan and Danielle Murray, decided that moving forward, all Owl Rescue Centre conservation products, including owl houses, bat houses and beehives, would be manufactured from recycled plastic instead of wood.

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“This year we decided to implement a new and groundbreaking approach to environmental management, giving special attention and focus to plastic waste,” Brendan said.

“This project will extend to an ocean clean up mission and the acquisition of a sea-going vessel is on the agenda. We aim to recycle 600 tons of plastic a year, making this a feasible environmental project.”

To this end, the Murrays have started a scheme where members of the public can purchase a large plastic recycling bag for R199, have the bag delivered to their home for free and, when the bag is full, send a WhatsApp for free collection and a replacement bag.

An owl house made from recycled plastic.

“Plastic waste affects all the world’s oceans and seas, and very little effort is currently applied to this matter in South Africa. With a believed 8.8 million metric tons of plastic waste that are dumped in oceans each year, widespread harm is caused to the marine environment.

“This is our project to try and reduce plastic waste, and we hope the public will support us, as it will not only go some way towards helping our precious environment but at the same time, it provides housing for our rehabilitated owls.”

To purchase an Owl Rescue Centre recycling bag, email or go to

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