Hein Kaiser
4 minute read
4 Jan 2022
5:00 am

SA will get worse before it get better, says numerologist

Hein Kaiser

Buckle up! Numerologist Sandy Smith sees more Eskom drama, banks going offline, and another virus ahead, but things will get better.

Picture: iStock

It’s been a fiery start for South Africa this year, with parliament going up in flames over the new year weekend. Numerologist Sandy Smith, who called the massive shift in SA politics several months before last year’s municipal elections, said 2022 marked the beginning of a further watershed period in the country’s history. Also Read: 2021 Newsmakers: How Zuma took on Covid-19 news Politics, pandemic and a measure of pandemonium. There’s turbulence ahead, before the calm, Smith said. She said SA remained in a state of flux and much more corruption would come to light. “The president has a lot...