Only one way the SABC can blacklist you for not paying TV licence

'The only way people can get blacklisted is if the SABC gets a court order.'

According to executive director Stefanie Fick from Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) the SABC cannot blacklist you for not paying your TV licence as it is not a credit agreement.

Fick said the only way people can get blacklisted is if the SABC gets a court order.

“This is not a credit agreement with the SABC, the only way it could affect your credit score is by a court order, and this does not fall under the National Credit act,” Fick said.

This comes after a Mybroadband forum member posted a warning message received from Revco- a debt collector on behalf of SABC to pay an amount of R1,900.

Trace Alerts

“STOP a Trace Alert being activated on your ID at the Credit Bureau. Pay TV Licence NOW,” the sms read.

This warning message had people concerned about their arrears of the TV licence reflecting badly on their credit score.

She said a trace alert is when credit collectors need your updated information and cannot get ahold of you citing that trace alerts have no bearing on your credit score.

“This alert is just an alert by debt collectors to say if details are updated of this creditor please alert us so they can update their files,” Fick further said.

She explained that the SABC has the right to send messages reminding the customers to pay for their TV licence but raised concerns over the tone of the messages.

Fick reiterated the SABC’s approach and how it gets the messages across with a tone that comes off as a threat which contradicts their rules.

She advised people to lay a complaint if they feel the manner in which the SABC deals with their case is irresponsible because they have rules to abide by.

Anyone who thinks the amount owing is incorrect should contact the SABC to fix it.

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