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23 May 2020
11:23 am

EFF says no to booze sales and opening of schools

News24 Wire

Stemming the spread of Covid-19 would only be further hampered by schools reopening and lifting the ban on alcohol sales, the party believes.


The EFF says that liquor sales, along with schools, should not reopen until more scientific data is available to ensure they will not lead to the spread of the coronavirus.

In a statement on Thursday, the party said there was “currently no creditable scientific data that illustrates that the easing of the lockdown regulations, even with precautionary measures such as wearing masks, washing hands and constantly using hands sanitisers will not lead to the increased spread of the [coronavirus].

“The intention to permit the sale of alcohol will only worsen the situation because, even where there is no effort to contain a pandemic, alcohol has been responsible for many health-related and social ills in society,” EFF spokesperson Vuyani Pambo said.

The EFF has demanded that the government reconsider the “premature, senseless and reckless re-opening” of the economy and schools, until scientific evidence shows it is safe to do so.

The party has also demanded that, once schools open, various safety measures be implemented.

These include additional classrooms to limit the teacher-to-pupil ratio to 1:20; social distancing spaces, including assembly points and retail food spaces; the discontinuation of contact sporting activities; clean water supply and clean toilets for all schools.

“We know that many schools, especially in rural areas and townships, do not meet these conditions and therefore the intention to reopen schools before these conditions are met must be rejected with contempt,” said Pambo.

The party added that the easing of national lockdown regulations should only begin once the daily infection rate of Covid-19 was below 45 people.

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