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Brian Sokutu
Senior Print Journalist
3 minute read
1 Sep 2021
1:13 pm

‘Mafia groups’ out to discredit her, says Xiaomei Havard over China spy claims

Brian Sokutu

The ANC MP says she will not back down, and will sue those behind the alleged attempt to discredit her and force her out of politics.

Xiaomei Havard Picture: Twitter

While the ANC parliamentary caucus has remained mum on a story published by News24 – referring to “a leaked intelligence report” alleging “a high likelihood” of ANC MP Xiaomei Havard being a spy for China, Havard has come out guns blazing – threatening legal action against the media group and her detractors.

Citing an intelligence report, News24 reported that the State Security Agency’s (SSA’s) counter-intelligence unit had flagged concerns over Havard’s links to China and its impact on national security. She is accused of sharing classified information about South Africa with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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Enraged by the report, Havard told The Citizen she is planning to take legal action against News24.

Mafia campaign to discredit her

“I have never supplied any intelligence information to any Chinese intelligence agencies,” said Havard.

“I even do not know who those Chinese intelligence agencies are. Yesterday [Tuesday] I refused to do any interview with News24, but Jason Felix still published this article. I will take legal action.”

Havard said she was not deterred by her detractors “making all these kinds of serious allegation against me”.

Despite the allegations, Havard said she remained “very strong and resolute on my principles”.

“I firmly believe I can save this world through the blessing of God.

“Information in this article was originally sent through by one or two mafia groups within the Chinese community, where there are two big political factions, which earlier lost their campaign to discredit me. After I was elected as a public representative candidate in 2016, these two factions started fighting, and also tried to kill each other.

“I was a middle person, not belonging to any faction. Three Chinese candidates lost in the Johannesburg local election, so every faction had finally balanced emotionally. Then, after I started my campaign for the MP position, these two factional groups continued to sabotage me again.

“They both did not want me in politics, in order to save their face and reputation.”

Won’t back down

Havard said she was nearly sworn as ANC MP in 2019.

“After they saw my name listed as number 98 in the ANC list, they brought someone linked to the Gupta Free State dairy farm – pushing my name out down to number 130. That was why I could not be sworn in as an MP after the national election. They have been following me for over five years since 2016.

“I know what they have been doing underground, but just kept quiet.

“When in 2016 I spoke publicly in the Chinese community newspaper, they kept quiet for a while.

I can no longer tolerate them and be silent forever. I must defend myself through legal action. God saved me and saw all my sufferings, my contribution to communities, and my love for SA during the past five years, leading to me being sworn in as MP.

These two Mafia groups were so shocked after they saw me being sworn in. But they have not given up – telling others within the Chinese community that they will damage me, sabotage me till I am out of politics.

This war is serious and more damaging. I daily pray to God to help me to fight this evil and punish them.

She said the grouping intended to destroy her family and her business – “nearly making me bankrupt”.

The Chinese embassy – currently studying the News24 report – was not ready to comment.