Gareth Cotterell
Digital News Editor
2 minute read
2 Sep 2021
4:13 pm

‘Speculative and irresponsible’: Twitter slams Zille after ConCourt ‘leaks’ allegations

Gareth Cotterell

Many on Twitter were critical of Helen Zille and asked her to provide evidence to support her claims.

Democratic Alliance (DA) politician Helen Zille. Picture: Gallo Images/Die Burger/Jaco Marais

Democratic Alliance (DA) federal chairperson Helen Zille has alleged that the ANC’s decision to withdraw its application to the Electoral Court for the reopening of candidate registration for the upcoming local election was based on “leaks” from the much-awaited judgment from the Constitutional Court (ConCourt).

Zille was commenting on an article published in Die Burger.

The publication suggested the ANC must have received inside information from the ConCourt, which led to the party withdrawing its case before the Electoral Court to reopen candidate registration.

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Zille said this would be sufficient proof that “cadre deployment will have destroyed every institution, right up to the ConCourt, turning them into instruments of ANC power abuse, rather than protectors of the people against ANC power abuse”.

“That is the crisis we are facing now. South Africans must wake up,” she said.

The ANC, however, has slammed the allegations as “a grave insult to the integrity of the Constitutional Court, and the judiciary in general”.

“These insinuations are devoid of any truth. Not surprisingly… Zille does not adduce a shred of evidence to support her utterances.”

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Most users on Twitter were critical of Zille, with many asking her to provide evidence to support her claims.

Some, however, agreed with the DA’s federal chairperson.

“I see many people calling this mama many names, but no one is asking themselves why it is taking this long for the ConCourt to pronounce on the matter that is supposed to be urgent?” wrote @jeremie_mn.