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6 Dec 2021
5:40 pm

‘I feel like I have something to offer’ – Duduzane Zuma on running for president

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Former president Jacob Zuma's son said he wants to rejuvenate the ANC.

Duduzane Zuma. Photo Gallo Images/Netwerk 24/Deaan Vivier

Duduzane Zuma, the son of former president Jacob Zuma, says the African National Congress (ANC) needs “fresh and younger perspectives”.

Zuma said this during an interview on radio station Power98.7 on Monday.

Zuma once again discussed the topic of him running to be president of the ANC.

“I feel like I have something to offer,” he said.

“It is just taking politics from an old man and woman’s game and changing it to a young man and woman’s game,” he told Power98.7.

Although Zuma has previously mentioned running for office, he said it is more than just a dream.

“It is less of a dream, more conversations.”

Although he grew up in a political household, Zuma said he never had ambitions to move into politics. He, however, said that he wants to help South Africa move forward.

“I don’t want to be that guy that has an opportunity to make a difference and doesn’t take it,” he said.

“Everyone can sit back and criticise … but unless you’re trying to be part of the solution it doesn’t count.”

On changing course from a businessman to a politician, Zuma said “when it comes to making game-changing differences, it all lies with decision making at the highest levels”.

When it comes to decision-making, Zuma said he wants to rejuvenate the ANC.

“We are living in the 21st century, we can’t be deploying tactics that were deployed in 1976 or 1994.”

“We cannot have the same players on the field trying to make plans for people that think differently in this day and age.”

Zuma also said he’ll run for the ANC presidency if urged to do so.

“If people have this faith in me, then its a journey I’m willing to walk,” he added.

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In September analysts had doubts about Zuma’s chances of convincing the ANC to trust him with the party’s reins.

This is in the wake of accusations he and his sister Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla were partially to blame for the protests which led to widespread looting, vandalism and over 300 deaths in July. Zuma categorically denied this.

During the unrest, Zuma is heard on a video encouraging looters to loot ‘responsibly’ and carefully. He, however, said it was taken out of context. 

Political analyst Dr Ina Gouws said Zuma may be underestimating the long road to political success.

“Any politician who wants success on an ANC ticket has to be involved from a young age in the ANC Youth League and in the branches, and that has not been the case with Duduzane, and I think if he wants to be a presidential candidate he will probably have to start his own party or start from the ground up in the ANC,” said Gouws.

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Additional reporting by Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni