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8 Jan 2022
6:19 pm

‘Stop hating foreigners, target employers’, Malema tells EFF supporters

Narissa Subramoney

'Don't hate foreigners, hate the employers because those foreigners didn't hire themselves,' Malema tells Durban followers.

EFF Leader Julius Malema hosts a thank you rally in Durban to thank voters for their support. Picture- Twitter.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema said during the party’s Siyabonga rally, that Black South Africans need to hold employers to account rather than spread African hate.

EFF Siyabonga rally

Malema: ‘Unite to stop the exploitation’

Speaking at the rally, Malema said that African-on-African hatred over jobs must stop.

“Don’t hate foreigners, hate the employers because those foreigners didn’t hire themselves,” Malema told a sea of red T-shirts and berets braving the scorching Durban sun.

He said black South Africans need to engage with black foreigners about why they are being hired. According to CIC, Africans need to unite to stop the exploitation of African workers.

Hospitaly sector to expect a visit

“Don’t turn on your African brothers and sisters because they were hired, approach them and say, these people are hiring you to exploit you. We must join together to stop the exploitation of African people.”

The EFF wants to visit the Durban’s Hilton Hotel to establish how many black South Africans are employed at the five-star hotel.

“We will be visiting the hospitality sector, starting with the Durban Hilton, to find out how many South African’s they employed. Don’t hate the foreigners; they didn’t hire themselves,” he said.

Learn from the ANC’s mistakes

Malema’s visit to Durban began with a ceremonial slaughtering of cows followed by the EEF Siyabonga rally.

Never one to mince his words, Malema made all his intentions clear.

  1. He wants to gain control of KZN in the 2024 election.
  2. The party is on a massive recruiting drive.
  3. The EFF needs to be better than the ANC, and more importantly, learn from the governing party’s mistakes.
  4. The agenda: Land expropriation without compensation

Malema took a swipe at eThekweni mayor Mxolisi Kaunda, saying he is not a politician but a ‘crook that enters through the backdoor. “Kaunda hates black people, he only went to Indian areas during the July riots.”

He warned members that as the EFF gains popularity and takes over government structures, bribes from the private sector will always be a temptation.

EFF an ‘organisation of the poor’

“Businesses in the private sector are always looking to bribe politicians because the private sector is extremely corrupt.

“We are an organisation of the poor. When the poor look at us, they must know they have a friend in us,” said Malema at the Siyabonga rally.

He warned against members sowing divisions in the party and cautioned disgruntled members who didn’t get positions to be patient.

“A revolution is like an elephant; when it moves it’s slow and powerful,” he said.

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Malema’s 2024 Presidental ambitions

The EFF has its eye on KZN for the 2024 election, and the party is on a massive recruiting drive to have 1 million card-carrying members in good standing by the time of the elections.

“We are going to take KZN in 2024, and the ANC is below 50% all over South Africa. Ramaphosa will never see a second term; he will be the president of that squatter camp called ANC,” Malema shouted hoarsely to the cheering crowds.

But, he emphasises that the EFF shouldn’t repeat the ANC’s mistakes.

On the recruitment drive, members must make the party agenda (expropriation without compensation) their primary objective and not join in jostling for power.

EFF restructuring

He said the EFF is not a party for egos and told people they must not join if their sole intention is to become part of the party’s leadership.

“We are building a machine to address the issue of land expropriation; this is not a mickey mouse structure of Malema,” he said.

The EFF is also restructuring its communication teams and is looking to hire professional videographers as part of its mandate to expose corruption.

“Not those guys that took our pictures while we were setting up yesterday; we look like zombies. We need to make the EFF professional if we are going to take government in 2024,” said Malema.

Expropriation without compensation in Umhlanga

All land in Africa must be expropriated without compensation, according to Malema. And it starts with the big beautiful buildings in Umhlanga.

He used the analogy of a stolen car to make his argument.

Malema said if someone buys a stolen car and then invests money to spruce up the ride, the new owner would not be entitled to compensation when the original owner repossesses the vehicle.

“Even after the person who bought the stolen property invested in making it better, this is the same with land, starting in Umhlanga,” said Malema.

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End the state of disaster

Malema also said it was time for the entertainment industry to come out of the woodworks and distract people from poverty and unemployment.

He said there are thousands of jobs to be created in the entertainment industry and called for Ramaphosa to end the restrictions on sporting events and entertainment.

He also called out the ANC for holding its January 8 celebrations in a soccer club while athletes had to sit at home.

“We call on PSL bosses to stop cowering before Ramaphosa and open the soccer matches again,” said Malema.