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By Marizka Coetzer


Brink soldiers on as he marks year in office

Tshwane mayor celebrates one year, vows to stay, highlighting challenges overcome and plans for improvement.

City of Tshwane mayor Cilliers Brink says he is here to stay after celebrating his first year in the hot seat in the capital.

“This was indeed no easy task. Not soon after I was elected there was a massive pylon collapse, plunging whole parts of the city into darkness,” he said.

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“In the months following we suffered sustained water outages from Rand Water, a tragic outbreak of cholera and an almost crippling three-month strike.”

‘Working together’

Brink said the obstacles in the city were overcome by working together as a coalition government and as Tshwane residents.

“We have more that binds us and unites us than divides us.”

Brink said the city has relaunched #TshwaneYaTima revenue collection drive targeting all city debtors and improved the 2023 auditor-general’s audit report compared to the adverse finding in 2022.

“Council approved the Rooiwal and Pretoria West power stations leasing report following a successful public participation process.

“Upgrading Hammanskraal water, upgrading Rooiwal wastewater treatment plan and ensuring a healthy supply of water to Hammanskraal residents is a top priority for our administration.”

The mayor said the current administration has brought stability to the council.

“As coalition partners, we have many differences, but we are united in our shared common goals to rescue Tshwane and deliver services.

“I want to emphasise that when I took office last year, I committed to make sure I build a capital city that works for all its people. I am not leaving until that is done.”

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Soshanguve resident and founder of a clean-up organisation, Mashudu Makhado, said the city was in good hands with Brink in charge.

“Our city will soon be clean and great again,” he said. He said Brink must focus on cleaning the city to attract investors.

“Our rivers and streams need cleaning up. We have to start recycling in schools and daycare centres,” said Makhado.

‘Much has changed over the past year’

Centurion resident Debbie Fourie said many things have changed over the past year in Pretoria.

“I am on the Democratic Alliance Tshwane group and if there are any problems, especially with power, they update us regularly.

“Brink is a good and helpful mayor. Brink and his team work day and night to update the community, and that is what the people need,” she said, adding the mayor could achieve more if he remained in leadership.

Political analyst Piet Croucamp said there was a degree of relative stability in Tshwane since Brink’s appointment.

He said Brink had to fix things that couldn’t be eradicated overnight.

Croucamp said while things were looking up, Tshwane’s problems have not been resolved yet.