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By Reitumetse Makwea


Maimane ready to fight in 2024 elections

Bosa leader believes defeating the ANC in next year's polls is possible.

With the 2024 national elections looming, Build One South Africa (Bosa) leader Mmusi Maimane has his work cut out for him if he wants to win.

This is according to experts who say there are already too many voices clamouring for the attention of voters.

The former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader launched Bosa’s election campaign in Tshwane on Saturday as the party celebrated its first anniversary. He said the campaign was launched in Tshwane because Bosa was aiming to occupy the Union Buildings.

“It is time for change, that together with all South Africans we can build a country that prospers for all who live in it.”

He said although defeating the ANC might seem “audacious”, he believed it was possible.

“History teaches us that there comes a day where David must confront Goliath and see a nation born in a day. Now is that time.”

Continuing with the fighting talk, Maimane said it was “time to get in the ring and fight”.

Seat in parliament?

However, when asked what the odds were for Maimane to win next year’s elections, political analyst Arthur Shopola said while Maimane had a long way to go, he had a good chance of at least getting a seat in parliament.

This is because while Bosa is fairly new, it has already received support from his DA constituencies and a religious grouping.

“So he also has a religious grouping that supports him, he’s a pastor after all. He’s always sort of guaranteed that support.”

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Shopola said he was concerned about the number of election candidates, which is already at around the 500 mark. He also said Maimane’s ideology on the emancipation of black people was questionable.

“If there’s a politician who thinks that economic liberation can be achieved by not disrupting the status quo, which is largely pro-white, I think that person is living in a dreamland.

“So for me, it would not make much impact as he anticipates he will. He will get support, like I said he might get one seat because of the reasons I’ve stated that he has constituencies he took when he left the DA and is also part of the religious groupings he is leading,” Shopola said.

“He is going to crunch some numbers and ultimately be in the national assembly, but I don’t see him making any impact.”

Bosa supporters believe in Maimane

However, Bosa supporters – also known as “builders” – are convinced Maimane is the leader that South Africa needs.

“He has proven his leadership, his capabilities and his potential, and that’s the leader we need,” said Kamogelo Makhafola, 29, from Soshanguve.

“We have been waiting for someone, or rather a leader, who has all South Africans’ best interests at heart. Regardless of the colour, someone who believes that to move forward, we need to confront the inequality without putting anyone else down.

“And so far, he has proved himself as that leader.”

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Maimane said Bosa would focus on providing jobs for South Africans. He claimed his party would be able to put a job in every home.

“Let’s put a job in every home – and we do that by making sure our townships are places of economic zones where we can invest over R200 billion to create new jobs and wealth for our citizens,” he said.

Maimane also said his party would roll out a programme where every unemployed person can take part in a six-month internship at a government institution.

Additional reporting by Gareth Cotterell