‘New’ UDF to be reborn, debate about anti-apartheid body contesting elections

Political activists firmly believe it should be a contender at the polls next year.

New efforts by United Democratic Front (UDF) veterans and activists to organise the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the ANC-linked anti-apartheid umbrella body should be good news for the governing party, but an expert believes the “new UDF” could become a new pressure group to demand better service delivery from government after next year’s elections.

However, some political activists inside and outside the ANC firmly believe the new UDF will contest the elections and could pose a threat to the ANC.

This as several former UDF activists and leaders nationwide have begun preparing for the UDF’s 40th birthday next month that might be used as the start of the campaign to revive the body.

A debate is raging among former UDF leaders about whether the body should be revived and relaunched and contest the 2024 election as a separate entity from the ANC.

But those against the idea say it should remain a civic organisations and not contest the polls. However, whichever view wins out will become clear after the 20 August celebrations. Attempts to get a comment from anniversary organiser

Popo Molefe failed yesterday. Political analyst Sandile Swana said the revival of the UDF was not surprising as there was growing disgruntlement among many senior ANC members about the party’s service delivery failures. – ericn@citizen.co.za

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