The police want to charge me and I don’t know why – Malema

The EFF leader may be referring to the NPA's announcement that it has reached a decision on whether to prosecute him for allegedly firing an assault rifle in public.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema addressed a press conference at the party’s Braamfontein headquarters on Thursday afternoon, where he claimed that the police have contacted him, adding that he thinks they may soon attempt to charge him.

“Police have made contact with me. They have said I must go take a warning statement, I think they have taken a decision to charge me. I will remain silent and they must tell me why they are charging me,” he said.

What Malema was referring to is unclear, as he then moved on to other topics, but he may have been referring to a case involving his alleged firing of an assault rifle during his party’s birthday celebrations last year. It is one of several ongoing cases involving the EFF leader.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) announcing earlier on Thursday that they had made a decision on whether or not to prosecute Malema over his alleged firing of an assault rifle during his party’s birthday celebrations last year. They added, however, that they couldn’t yet inform the public of this decision as they needed to speak to Malema first.

Malema, however, expressed the view that any efforts to charge him are due to the supposed efforts of the “establishment” to silence him.

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“The establishment will look for everything to bring against me,” he said.

Afrikaner lobby group AfriForum has voiced its dissatisfaction over the NPA’s handling of the firearm case, saying that they wished to privately prosecute him over it due to a lack of trust in the prosecuting authority.

“In August last year we filed complaints at the Lyttelton police station against Malema after he fired several shots with an assault rifle during the EFF’s five-year celebrations in Mdantsane in the Eastern Cape,” said their head of safety and security Ian Cameron at a press conference in July.

The EFF claimed at the time that it was a toy gun.

“The video clip was allegedly taken up by a police officer who also attempted to file video-based complaints against Malema. According to this person, however, the police refused to accept the charges,” Cameron alleged.

“No feedback has been received from the NPA regarding the above case, which means that no trust can be placed in the NPA,” he continued.

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