WATCH: Malema again opts to ‘Kiss the Boer’ after dismissal of hate speech complaints

The EFF leader is keeping a clean sheet ahead of the May elections and continues to ironically sing 'Kiss the Boer.'

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema is again singing a different tune after he missed a hate speech-bullet this week. The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) dismissed complaints lodged against the EFF leader and Godrich Gardee, secretary-general of the EFF.

The commission released its findings on Wednesday to find that utterances made by Gardee and Malema did not constitute hate speech.

Four of the hate speech complaints were against comments made by Malema while the fifth was related to utterances made by Gardee.

One of the complaints was in relation to a struggle tune Malema sang in 2018, calling for the killing of white people. The song Kill the Boer appears to have been changed by the EFF leader – to Kiss the Boer, Kiss the Farmer. He has been singing it with these ironic lyrics for years, ever since he was first found guilty in 2011 of hate speech for singing it.

During his EFF campaign rally on Saturday, the EFF leader toyi toyed for the masses again singing what appears to be a parody version of Kill the Boer struggle song.

Speaking to hundreds of EFF supporters Malema said that on May 8, the EFF would meet more promises made to their supporters.

“Comrades let us go house-to-house and speak to everyone. We must tell them the Red is the future. In 2014, we said ‘elect us to fight corruption’ and we went to parliament and we removed [Jacob] Zuma.

“We said ‘send us to parliament to fight for the land’ and today section 25 of the constitution will be amended to allow for expropriation without compensation. We don’t make promises, we make commitments.

“We are not scared of anything. Whites, Trevor Manuel, owners of the banks and mines. The banks belong to us, mines belong to us, land belongs to us, factories belong to us. Let us go reclaim SA on the 8th of May. Let us take back our freedom.

“We said the new SARS commissioner [Edward Kieswetter] is friends with Trevor Manuel and now Trevor Manuel wants to take legal action. We are not scared of you. Bring it on, you have met your match this time.”

He said the party wanted freedom where no one lived in a house with cracks and was on the verge of collapse.

“We want to double the pension of the elderly and also double the child grant so that our children can have a proper meal and grow to be strong and healthy.”

He urged renewed attacks against foreign nationals to stop.

“You say foreigners take your jobs, but there are white people who have jobs without the proper qualifications. There are Chinese here, who do not have papers, but you do not attack them. We must not attack each other as black people.

“Africa is for all of us. We must unite as Africans and stop with the xenophobic attacks. We must love each other. When you love yourself, you will love fellow Africans.”

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