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Soshanguve pastor converts aeroplane into stage to win souls

Soshanguve pastor surprises the community with a converted jet, now a mobile stage for spreading the gospel, dispelling rumours of theft.

A Soshanguve pastor bought an aeroplane to help spread the word of God, but instead had people calling him a “well-known gangster” who had stolen the plane.

The white aeroplane parked in a yard in Soshanguve has residents wondering and taking to social media to find answers.

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Rumours of theft

Pictures and videos of the plane were shared on social media, with users speculating that the plane was possibly stolen, belonged to a gangster and questioning how the plane got into the township.

“Stolen plane spotted at a wellknown gangster’s house in Soshanguve Block L. No way that is a real aircraft,” some commented.

Some residents were also fascinated by the pictures and videos they saw on social media pages, with some saying they had seen the plane at the Soshanguve Crossing, while others said they had seen it moving down the streets of the neighbourhood.

It is, however, a real aeroplane and it does not belong to a gangster, but rather to pastor Joseph Davhula from the Back to Christ Church in Soshanguve.

Pastor's private jet stage
Picture:Nigel Sibanda/ The Citizen

“It’s now a half-plane and has been converted into a trailer as a caravan for now. It’s a real plane; it used to fly, it’s a jet,” he said.

Davhula saw the plane being advertised on Facebook Market Place for sale. “I thought let me find out, so Mr Loggenberg from East Lynne invited me to come to view it and I bought it,” he said.

Davhula said he prayed about the plane when he got a vision to convert the plane into a stage which he uses now to travel with and spread the gospel.

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Davhula parks the plane, pulls out a tent he attached to the top of it, takes out the chairs and speakers he stores inside and starts preaching on the streets.

“I’ve got plans with this plane, too. We pulled this plane from East Lynne to Soshanguve where the church is,” he said. Davhula said the plane drew a lot of attention in the community, with people approaching to see what was going on.

Bought with his own money

“The plane wasn’t bought with the church’s money. I bought it from my own pocket. When I saw this plane I got a vision, I want to restore the plane and drive it offroad on my plot in Onderstepoor t ,” he said.

Davhula said he planned to turn his plot into a wedding venue and wanted to use the plane for the ceremonies. “I can’t fly, that’s why I want to drive it at least,” the pastor said.

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He said his mission was to bring people to church, even if he had to do it by plane. “People are hungry for the gospel. We see the people coming to church,” he said.

Davhula was first a businessman before leaving the boardroom to serve the church. But he said he never dreamt of becoming a pastor or ever owning a plane.

“I am here today and I am seeing miracles,” he said.

Pastor private jet
Picture:Nigel Sibanda/ The Citizen

A resident, Arabang Mofundo, said he loved the pastor with the plane.

“I’ve seen him around and I see his vision and mission. It makes me happy to see this,” he said.

“I saw them singing and praising there at Soshanguve Crossing and it was amazing,” he said. Mofundo said the pastor’s idea had the potential to fly.

“Soshanguve is the best hood. You will not find this elsewhere,” he said.

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