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WATCH: Bathabile Dlamini accused of looking ‘drunk’ again

It could be that this is really just how the minister looks and speaks, but social media isn't convinced.

In a Mail & Guardian video of Social Development Minister and ANC Women’s League leader Bathabile Dlamini offering an interview to TV channel eNCA, users have again speculated that she appears to be under the influence.

Others have pointed out that this just seems to be the way the minister looks and speaks and we should just get used to it.

She was offering her views on President Jacob Zuma’s address to delegates at the party’s national policy conference, and she emphasised that she had taken to heart the fact that ANC branches would be deciding on who should be the party’s next leaders.

However, she said that the party’s top leadership had shown they had the power to recall a sitting president, but that should never be allowed to happen again, as “it divides us”.

Take a look at the video below.

Here were some of the comments on Facebook:

“Was she sober? Sounds like she was still on last night’s free wine from those terrible white farmers And we wonder why our country is in trouble! Notice that she was mumbling to Gupta TV.”

“Looks and sounds like she’s been knocking back the ol’ sous from a fire bucket at the Saxonwold shebeen.

“Under the infuence again. Book yourself into the nearest reabilition Centre outside the Borders of South Africa because you are addicted and will bribe the security to buy you anything from OB to Black Label.”

“Can people please stope sticking a camera in front of her after she spend the last 2 days in the bar next to the annual ANC conference planning to go to the big tent next to the bar!”

“What exactly is she saying, looking up left normally is a lie LOL.”

“And this is a minister earning millions of rand per year!”

“Annnnnd introducing the future minister of dronkie affairs can here he is speking nice ne.”

“Shame she just looks drunk no matter what time of day it is….or maybe its the water!”

“Sounds and looks like she has been hitting the ‘white monopoly capital’ wine.”

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