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WATCH: Be careful who you pick a fight with

In some cases, size really does matter.

A video of what looks like a road rage incident has resurfaced on social media and teaches us one simple lesson: be careful who you pick a fight with. In the video, a young-looking slender man gets out of his black Golf and charges towards a taller, bigger man ready to take him on.

Something must have happened before the video was taken, as the bigger man had stopped his car and waited outside for his enemy. The slender man can be seen threatening his opponent as if he were in a boxing ring.

The other man just looks at the slender guy, waits for the perfect moment and slaps him so hard his cap flies off his head. He just could not imagine taking another slap, so he simply walks back to his car and drives off.

Watch the video below posted on Facebook by iMzansi Extreme:

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