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WATCH: Coligny farmer attacks black journalist

Tensions rose in the small town of Coligny as the house of a farmer was torched on Monday morning shortly after the two murder accused were granted bail.

A video obtained by eNCA shows a farmer aggressively attacking a black journalist who was filming a house that had been burned in Coligny, North West.

In the footage, the journalist bumps the farmer with his shoulder, who then turns on him and, after shoving him to the ground, has him in a tight armlock while pummeling him. An onlooker attempts to stop the attack, with police joining in afterwards to pry the man off the journalist.

Watch the video below

Other members of the media were also attacked on the farm, with one getting injured and another having the lens of his camera damaged. Just before 11am on Monday, the Coligny Magistrates’ Court granted Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte R5 000 bail, saying it was confident they would stand trial.

Most residents have been opposing bail for the accused, who claimed the deceased jumped off their moving bakkie when they apprehended him after they allegedly caught him stealing sunflowers on one of the local plantations.



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