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WATCH: Four hilarious thieving moments in South Africa

Sometimes karma prefers to strike immediately and show the bad guys that they're not always in control.

It seems stealing is becoming more difficult in South Africa – at least for those who have been caught on camera. Sometimes, the thieves just get it wrong altogether, but sometimes, they probably do their research but choose to do their thieving on a day that karma gets up on the wrong side of her bed.

Below are videos of alleged thieves who got caught in the act and suffered hilarious, painful consequences.

In the first video posted by South Africa Exposed on Facebook, these two men got caught in the act, so the owner of the community decided to give them the perfect punishment. Robbery only works out if the accomplices are on the same page, so the community decided to give them punishment that would destroy their friendship. He asks them to take turns slapping each other.

Watch the video below:

The ones below probably did their research – which tools would be perfect to open the gate and what time the owner of the house would not be in the house. Only that the owner decided to stay in that day.

Watch the thieves’ hilarious reaction below in a video posted by Police pics and clips on Facebook:

These thieves managed to rob a jewellery store in Cape Town at Gatesville Shopping Centre in Athlone on Monday. After the job, three of the four men made it back to the getaway car and just could not wait for their accomplice.

Footage from CCTV camera shows the unlucky men running towards the car that gets away when he is almost there. Two officers catch up with him and tackle him on to the ground.

Watch the video below supplied by City of Cape Town:

The following footage was recorded by a community member in Lynnville, Witbank, who saw the alleged thief running out of a substation in 2015.

Community members who live near the substation had heard an explosion and went to investigate after a power outage. The man was said to have suffered severe burns all over his torso, arms and face. The skin was left hanging off his body, and some of his hair also burned off.

In the video, members of the community can be heard shouting at the man, saying: “What were you doing? You brought this on yourself; what were you doing in the substation?”

The burnt victim shouts back in pain: “I am burning, I am dying, and it is so painful, please get an ambulance!”

WARNING: Not for sensitive viewers.



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